Kamala Limbu

“I am happy to lose weight due to my coach Max.
Before I didn’t know how to eat a balanced diet. Max supervised me on how to watch and lose my weight. Also how to maintain and balance my diet, I really appreciated that.
Max taught me new and simple exercise’s as well which I was capable of doing.
Before i felt tired, sleepy and lazy. But when I joined with Max, all the tiredness and laziness is well and truly gone.
I was lucky and really happy with Max to treat me well.

Thanks a lot for everything you did for me”

Sarada Limbu

“I am happy that I lost a lot of weight because of my coach Max. During the time I spent with Max I realised what food and drink to have which helped me a lot. Now because of this I look slimmer which is fantastic as my friends tell me, looking surprised, ‘You lost weight!’
Before i wore size 14. Now i can wear size 12!

Because of Max I realised that lots of things I was doingwasn’t right so he helped me change that which is awesome. So thank you Max for all your help and your company!”