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Another great time over the weekend at this very nice event! ...

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Hello Everyone!
Its been a while! Hope you are all well!

I felt I would share a tip with you all. For those who may suffer stress at times or want to have a method that allows for a deeper relaxation to it.
Here is something that you could do

The 'Bodyscan'.

This is where you focus on your breath. Breathing deeply and deliberately.

Then place your focus on different body parts.

As you place your awareness on different body parts you breath in and on the out breath, say to yourself 'Relax'.

For those who would like to try, here is how it goes.

As you breath, hold in for a second, then breath out and hold your attention on these body parts for a few moments and then move to the next part.

When you are ready to move to the next body part, on the out breath, you move to the next body part:

* Feet
* Lower legs
* Upper Legs
* Pelvic and Buttocks Area
* Lower Back
* Belly
* Upper Back
* Chest
* Hands
* Lower Arms
* Upper Arms
* Shoulders
* Neck
* Face
* Head

Stress and anxiety can be held in places like the lower back, neck, shoulders and face (especially around the jaw and temples). So it really can be nice to relax those areas in particular.

This meditation can be 5mins all the way upto and hour, so it is very versatile and portable.

Hope this helps!

Comment below and let me know how you found this exercise!

Thanks :)

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The Maximum Performance Practice shared Goalcast's Jordan Peterson - Live Your Potential. ...

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A Talk based on developing yourself for Success ...

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