Maximillian Maddy’s service to me as a personal business coach has been instrumental for me in a time of transition and opportunity to re-invent who I am and incorporating that into my life’s work. He is very attuned and attentive with practical, relative suggestions and tools to achieve continued progress. Our work together has brought to life the ‘dear dad project’. I recommend his services as a productivity coach to anyone needing a safe place to cast vision, gain tools and knowledge and support to implement your unique ideas for your business or life goals.
Gail Laidlow
Forever Living
Network Marketing

I had the opportunity to be coached by Maximillian in the early months of 2017, having known him for several months through our networking group, 4Networking.

My reasons for working with Maximillian were simple: I had noticed that he listens to people when they speak as opposed to listening to reply.  Having told me his unique story in how he came to train as a Coach, and the dedication and passion needed to achieve that goal, I could see that working with him would be of benefit to me as, at that time I was feeling directionless – although I didn’t really know that until I started working with Maximillian.

And therein lies his unique approach.  Because he listens and asks questions that get you to look at your thought processes and feelings, from an angle you wouldn’t be able to do by yourself, you come to realise (as I did) that maybe you’re chasing the wrong dream.

What I thought was priority number one – my business – was not. It was a personal goal I had had for several years only I couldn’t see a way to achieve it.

Having helped me to see for myself what my true purpose was, I am now living a life that is fulfilling, that has direction, where I am helping people and making a difference in their lives, I am achieving my goals and I’m very happy too.

I am not sure I would be where I am now had I not had the excellent coaching I had with Maximillian so I am very grateful to have had that experience and now count him as a good friend.