A Series Of Investments – Part 1

Investing In Oneself

The first in this series comes in the form of investing in yourself. How do you invest in yourself?

I believe through self-education.

I believe self-education is fundamentally different to those who have been educated by the schooling system. Even those with degrees and masters etc.


Yes, technically you are self-educated because it is down to the individual to complete the tasks given. But there, you see, is what it makes it different to actual self-education.


When you educate yourself. There are no set guidelines made by an outside source (e.g. school, college or university). Also, you are not directly guided towards what you must study.

Which is the beauty of self-education. Because you can choose for yourself what you want to learn and study at your own pace. You get to test what you have learned in real life and at any time. The true test, rather than going to an exam and answering pre-planned questions.


So I feel self-education is fundamentally different as it really is down to you to find, motivate and discipline yourself to study what you feel you need to learn. To create your own ‘curriculum’ so to speak.


That in itself can be a reward, as it allows you to become firm and learn more about yourself and in what you can do.


This is not said to put down or demean schools in any way. School education can be very good. I am just highlighting what I feel makes them different. I have a degree myself, just so you know.


So why the question of self-education. Unfortunately, some people think once they have left school, the education has finished. There is nothing more to learn. But really, that’s when the learning starts. If you want to be a true success in your life, then it really is in your best interest to learn and educate yourself more and continuously. Yes, this does include the degrees and masters degree and specialised courses, if necessary.


But how is this self-investing?

Because you are investing your valuable time in studying. Where other people are going out to have fun, or working in jobs they do not like or just simply not doing much. You have decided to invest your valuable time in the education, the knowledge and skill building of yourself.


Another way it is investing is because at times you may have to pay. You may have to buy books. You may have to pay for some sort of coach, or mentor or teacher of some sort. You may have to go on a course. But in either of these cases, you will have to invest your money in these resources to better yourself.


Some are not willing to do that. They feel it is better to save their money and try to figure it out on their own. (Which can be possible. With the libraries and with trial and error – so to speak) Watch free videos online or gain freebies like advice from friends or free articles on the internet. but what they fail to realise is that, yes they maybe saving money, but they could be wasting their time.


That’s the very thing that can catch most people out. They spend so much of their time, saving money. Then become unsatisfied of their rate of progress. Or believe they cannot make their accomplishments.


While people who are truly success, and results, oriented and feel that it is imperative that really must succeed, are not afraid to invest their time wisely and invest their money to make it all worthwhile. They realise time is more important than money and so of the two choices, they would rather invest their money and save time. While unsuccessful people would rather save money and waste time – even if that is not their intention. That is what most of them tend to end up doing.



“Successful People Invest their Money and Save (or invest) Time. Unsuccessful People Spend their Money and Waste Time”.

– Maximillian Maddy

So an underlying theme here in this article is to discover which is most important to you?

Your time?

Or your money?


Because you are, at most times, going to be trading one for the other

This is not to say that you should just recklessly spend or invest money unwisely. I’m not saying that. Of course, you have to know and believe you are investing your time and money in the right place.

But why would some choose not to do this in the first place?

1) They do not see it as investment. They see it as spending. They do not make the connection of investing their money in and for themselves. They see it as spending their money and giving their precious money to another. Hence why they feel they should save – they want to spend any more money.

2) They think they are saving their money. As if just having money is a good thing. They forget that they are always spending money. They are not always saving. So why not use that money that can benefit them more?

3) As mentioned before. They feel if they can get information for free. They can keep their money and still use the free information to their benefit. It may work at times. But for the times that it does not work. They are just wasting time as they then continue the search for that thing that will change their life. So unwittingly, they have resorted to wasting their most precious resource in an attempt to save a secondary resource of lesser value.


It’s like most things. What you put in you get out. If a person is not willing to invest time, effort and money in gaining and improving skills, knowledge and expertise. Then how can they succeed?

“Education is the Key to Unlock the Golden Door of Freedom”.

– George Washington Carver

In fact, why wouldn’t one want to invest to improve themselves? – Those who say they want a particular success in their chosen field.

This is a question some people may want to ask themselves.


If it really came down to it, would you not rather invest in you? Do you not believe in you enough to make that HIGH return on the investment you have made?


Think about it?


You invest, you get the skills, knowledge and expertise. Then you have the amazing opportunity to get back, not only what you invested, but you can double it, triple it, quadruple it and more!

In fact, how I look at it, in most cases, is that it’s FREE!




Because if I invest a certain amount of money, let’s say £5000 or £10,000 or whatever, I can gain the knowledge I need. Then with my new skills and knowledge, I can gain the money back from good service and from providing a highly integral service to my clients (or whatever that new skill allows me to do).

Then that means I got that all for FREE! It was like a loan, you could say. Then I got the loan back. Then I get to continue to earn the money back for as long as I would like.



“An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest”.

– Benjamin Franklin

This is why it can be said that you are investing in yourself. Because that is how investments work. You put in an amount. You get the amount back plus more.


So the question is never about money or time or whatever people might say when it comes to these things. This could be down to self-belief.

The real question could be:

  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you believe you can become a highly skilled, a highly knowledgeable person?
  • Do you believe in yourself enough, to become the capable and successful person you dream of becoming?

Because if the answer is no. That is when it could show up in your life as you preferring to save your money and spend your time on the search.

But if the answer is yes, then that’s when a person invests their money and saves their time – or invests their time in the study and practice of becoming.

Because they know their investment will pay off in the end. They trust themselves, they believe in themselves.


Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself and you WILL SUCCEED!


“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you”.

– B.B. King

Finally, investing in yourself is not just about the investment of your time or physical money.

It’s the return you will gain from the investment.

These new skills, this new way of thinking and of being. The eventual results you will achieve, will enrich you with the experiences that you have always wanted.

Even having experiences you cannot even imagine yourself having, right now at this very moment.

The return could also include the emotional feelings that you would like to gain. Freedom, security, self-improvement and growth, better service for others, new skill acquirements and more…


So I say, do what it takes to invest in yourself. Whether it is time, effort or money.

It is an investment that can never be taken away from you.

You will always benefit and profit from it.

You will profit in the sense of knowledge, skills, confidence. Value for yourself and for others.

But best of all, in the proud feeling of yourself when you have finally attained the outcome you were striving for.

It’s the first and the best investment you can ever make!