A Series Of Investments



This is the first of a set of articles relating to a topic I call, ‘A Series Of Investments’.

No this is not strictly about financial investments, although that will be touched upon. This is more about Investing in one’s self and all areas of life. Whether it be through education (which is the key and the most important investment you could ever make) health, finance, time, career, relationships and real connections. This can even include community and the world.

This will be a series discussing the benefits of being an ‘Investor’. As opposed to being a ‘Consumer’ in the world.

My hope is to show you that to think of yourself as an investor will drastically change your view of life. Thus affecting and changing the decisions and choices you make. You will find that with this change of direction, the quality of life, compounded over time will have a major impact on you and others around you. Giving you access to the lifestyle and achievements you may feel is only possible in your dreams.


You have to make the shift from being a consumer in the economy* to becoming an owner; and you do it by becoming an investor. – Tony Robbins

*Note: In this series please think of the economy, as your own personal economy and not just the world economy. Again, the economy in this series can encompass, education, health, career/business and relationships as well, of course, to finances.


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