Here are just a few topics I speak on when it comes to Health, Business & Personal Development:

Unleash your Business: How to increase Productivity

  •  Use key questions to gain more clarity for your goals
  •  How to identify key productive tasks to focus on
  • Create simple strategies to fulfill tasks
  •  How to emotionally connect yourself to your goals so you become unstoppable and remain self – motivated

Develop yourself for Success: How to identify and improve low productive habits and behaviours

  • Learn to identify and notice the habits that are not working for you through increased self awareness
  • Learn how to change those habits and incorporate more successful behaviours
  • Use new behaviours to consistently reach targets
  • Create new ways of thinking and perspectives to create the outcomes you both want and deserve

How to Develop a Stable Business: Why your very Own Business Structure is Important

  • Learn why it’s best to create a fun simple structure for your business. That is totally for you and how it helps with pricing, consistency, stress levels, production and work load etc.
  • Learn how creating systems can help lighten the workload and save you energy. Learn what aspects of your business can be automated, freeing up your time for other business activities, or recharging with the family.
  • Feel how having structure will make you feel empowered and in control of your business as you understand how your own business runs. Thus allowing you to tweak and customise it to suit you or your customers needs

How to increase Productivity through Nutrition: Gain a sense of well being and good health in your business

  • Learn how to integrate good eating habits into your work schedule
  • Find out why it is actually better for you to eat better and how it can help improve work output
  • See how you will actually save energy from not having to fight fatigue. Allowing you to concentrate on what you really need to. Rather than concentrating on NOT FALLING ASLEEP!
  • Why feeling good and healthy helps decrease stress and can help with enjoyment, productivity, focus and having the sense of calmness and well-being while you work

Own Your Nutrition, Own Your Health, Own Your Lifestyle

  • Improve your self motivation
  • See that learning about nutrition is fun and interesting
  • Learn what goes on behind the scenes of your thoughts and actions when you choose the foods that you do
  • Why some struggle with health and weight
  • Create sustainable healthy habits that last all your life
  • Finding the right nutritional solution for your body, metabolism and lifestyle. Dealing with personal  intolerances and weaknesses
  • How to incorporate healthy nutrition into your busy and hectic schedule


From Emotional to Soulful Eating: How to eat food for healing, not for harming


  • Learn and understand about oneself.
  • Learn about the root cause of pain and how to tackle it.
  • Equip techniques to escape the imprisonment of distress, mental agony and emotional discomfort.
  • Use of mental and emotional techniques to help resolve emotional challenges.
  • Gain insight of how to become unshackled and unrestrained, to live a happier life.
  • Be reminded that a life of increased self-worth, self-respect and boundless self-love can be lived.